Heat pump low temperature belt dryer has become a mainstream drying equipment
because of its low energy consumption. Customized drying system for different sludge!
The low energy consumption and safety of low temperature drying make it have its inherent advantages in sludge reduction, so the belt low temperature drying machine is widely used in the environmental industry.
In 2016, Jindi introduced the sludge belt low-temperature drying machine technology, and through research and development and innovation, constantly upgrade the system.
Combined with the company's rich experience in the sludge industry, making the drying system has a large number of engineering applications in the hazardous waste and general solid waste industry.
The low temperature belt drying machine adopts a variety of energy-saving technologies, and optimizes the drying space and other parameters, which makes the main machine and the system efficient and stable.
These include a thorough drying chamber fluid channel design, precise heat balance, and clever use of thermal cycles to achieve heat recovery and minimize heat loss. We have designed an automatic cleaning system in large drying machine
to eliminate operation in confined spaces and reduce heat loss.
We are good at combining sludge dewatering and drying systems, to obtain excellent economy through process combination.
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