Belt filter press which is highly suitable for sludge filtration characteristics, and mature, reliable and efficient system.


Since the 1990s, the core members of the technical team have been engaged in the technical work of relevant equipment, and have more than 20 years of industry experience. They have witnessed the rapid development of the cause of environmental protection equipment in China, we have also witnessed the ups and downs of dewatering machine manufactured around the world in China's sewage treatment industry.
The principal has presided over the revision and formulation of the industry standard (JB/T 10502, JB/T 8102) for belt filter press, and is the author of the section on belt press filter in Manual for the Selection of Industrial Centrifuges and Filters.
Due to the rich data experience of sludge, especially the biological sludge with poor dewatering performance, the company has a variety of types of belt filter press with thickener for customers to choose, can ensure the water content and treatment capacity at the same time up to the standard.
The company not only pays attention to the continuous optimization of the design technology of sludge dewatering system, but also has good adaptability to the harsh operating environment. At the same time, advance to the direction of unattended dewatering room with the highly automated system.
In order to ensure that the shipped sludge from the urban sewage treatment plant meets the discharge standard by GB 18918, we designed a high-pressure dewatering model with more pressing rolls and higher pressing force, which can make the refractory sludge reach the standard by one time dewatering.
By adding multiple agents, obtaining lower moisture of cake through primary dewatering, which saves more energy consumption for subsequent disposa.

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