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JINDI,A professional manufacturer of sludge and sewage equipment

  Since the 1990s, the company's founding team has been engaged in the development and manufacture of sewage and sludge treatment equipment, accumulating a large amount of data and experience. Jindi currently has a great technical and service team, and services throughout the full life cycle of products.
  Jindi focuses on the field of sewage and sludge special equipment, and specialised in the design, manufacture and commissioning of high quality equipment for the treatment of industrial and urban wastewater, process water, supply water, water reuse and sludge treatment, and makes unremitting efforts to change the image of the environmental industry. 


Professional, more than 30 years

China's municipal sewage industry has just started since the middle and late 1980s, and has developed rapidly since 2000, becoming more mature until now. In this process, the process technology of sewage treatment continues to progress, special equipment also continues to progress and innovation. Jindi's founding team has been engaged in technical work, witnessing the development of Chinese environmental protection industry. The process of sewage treatment depends on the sewage water quality parameters and discharge standards. All special equipment must meet process requirements. With the gradual deepening of the understanding of the process, such as water intake, sand removal, precipitation, biological treatment, physical and chemical treatment, filtration, effluent, sludge dehydration, sludge disposal and others, each special equipment manufactured by JindI is controlled through the whole process of targeted design, material selection, CNC cutting, high-precision laser cutting, laser welding, surface treatment, anti-corrosion coating, high-precision assembly, factory testing, installation and commissioning, and field testing to ensure that the process requirements are met.


Manufacturing plant

In 2021, Jindi established its own new manufacturing plant at 229 Xida Road, Xinwu District, Wuxi City, China. Relying on Wuxi's unique manufacturing supply chain system, it helps us focus on product research and development and technological progress.


Innovative spirit

All special equipment manufactured by Jindi is based on:
Process understanding ——solid theoretical foundation;
Process equipment——establishing experimental and theoretical models;
Process application——field pilot test to meet the requirements of water quality and discharge standards;
The future of the process——more stability, more intelligence and more economy.



Perfect equipment to meet your needs of the process!


Perfect equipment to meet your needs of the process!

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